The best reference are happy and satisfied customers. To maintain this for the future, we demand a great deal from our work, working safety as well as careful treatment of the environment.

For us, this includes a voluntary monitoring audit which permanently puts the standards on trial, internally and externally. Quality, confirmed by a 1-star-SSC-certification, to ensure the best results for our customers in the future.


There is method in safety, too. That is why all our employees are equipped according to the requirements. The safety equipment provides the optimal protection of the workers. To let the customer always have an overview, same-day minutes are written at the construction site. By that we make all operational steps transparent and comprehensible.

And because the handling of sensitive materials requires professional standards, our employees are permanently trained. By that we take care that our employees act responsible in terms of environment protection according to the provisions of the German Water Management Act (WHG). Each of our construction sites has a safety inspector who supervises the compliance with safety standards. For Example, when construction takes place in petrol station areas, the first step is to measure possible gas emissions before the actual work begins.

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