Beautifully practical: euro-top coverings

Wall and Ceiling Coverings

euro-top synthetic panels are suitable for shapely wall and ceiling panelling in many areas of your petrol station. Due to their water resistance they are predestined for the use in wet areas, such as car wash plants. But also other building surfaces, such as the trapezoidal bottom side of roofs benefit from the appealing look of our synthetic panels. Discover the „in-mint-condition“-transformation of your petrol station owing to special product advantages.

NEW: Product Highlight - Coating

Our fibre-glass reinforced synthetic panels with outstanding material characteristics.

  • easy and quick handling
  • water-proof and washable (even with pressure washers)
  • resistant to all common cleaning products
  • ultraviolet-resistant and therefore suitable for outdoor use
  • maintenance-free and of high durability

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