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Washing Plant Restoration

Cleanness needs the right scope! Even the best washing hall shows signs of abrasion due to the permanent wet operation. The clever solution: A price-conscious restoration by the euro-top GmbH, which all in all saves up to half of the costs and time, compared with conventional renewal measures. Our experts plan every necessary step at the location, including the scope of costs and time. Then, special tools are used for the cleaning and coating of:

  • concrete and trapezoidal sheet ceilings
  • Tiled Walls
  • sandwich panel walls
  • concrete and tiled floors

Do-It-Yourself-Box Restoration

Those who love their cars, care for them. And that even more in an inviting and glittering-clean self-service facility. For this, the euro-top GmbH offers the perfect restoration solution for you. We grind or blast all surfaces and remove corrosion prior to varnishing. After that the varnishing takes place using a high quality varnish in the desired colour, resistant to chemicals, corrosion and weather impacts. Unwanted fog occurrence is prevented by our special spraying system. Finally, resistant and easy-to clean rigid foam plates replace the worn-out canvas and decayed runway plates so that your old self-service box will be hardly recognised.

Petrol Station Cleaning

Whether single performances or part commission of a project – after a professional petrol station cleaning by euro-top your customers will look surprised. Through trained personnel and profiled devices for all surfaces to be cleaned, we remove tenacious oil stains, clean fuel pumps, tank facilities, washing halls, self-services boxes and even drip-free clean trapezoidal sheet ceilings. The entire petrol station area shines as brand new.

Cleaning and re-coating with 50 % cost savings

  • tiled floors and concrete floors
  • wall tiles
  • sandwich panels
  • concrete and metal-plated ceilings

At the same time we offer your the coating and sealing of chain tunnels, drainage pits and water channels.

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