Almost all types of floors are suitable for impregnation. Depending on the characteristics, the floors need to be appropriately cleaned and treated before impregnation. Then our experts select the correct coating system according to the use and requirements in order not to let traffic or chemical impacts destroy the surfaces. We offer the right impregnation for all kinds of requirements.


From a simple slip-proof coating to a WHG-coating , the euro-top GmbH offer the right choice for every requirement. Almost every substrate is suitable for coating after the appropriate pre-treatment by our experts. The coating thickness can be increased stepwise to achieve the optimal result for different kinds of mechanical impacts. All used floor systems originate from renowned expert companies, such as Remmers, and guarantee you and us a solid stand.


Sealing is another form of euro-top's coating systems. It is also suitable for almost every ground and is adapted at the location after a detailed analysis. Hard and viscous epoxide resin or polyurethane systems offer an outstanding and long-lasting protection - even under high mechanical and chemical stress.

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