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euro-top coatings

Coating approved according to the German Water Management Act (WHG)

We are deeply concerned about the environment and the ground water. That’s why we provide water protection coatings that comply with special legal requirements as well as with the German Technical Guideline For Inflammable Liquids, No. 40 for petrol stations (TRbF 40), German Technical Guideline For Substances Hazardous to Water A 781 (TRwS A 781) and the German Technical Guideline For Substances Hazardous to Water A 786 (TRwS A 786 for sealing surfaces).

When restoring concrete surfaces within the petrol station area, our safety measures guarantee that no substances hazardous to water may reach the ground water, thus complying with the Federal Regulation For the Handling of Substances Hazardous to Water (VAwS) of single federal states at the same time. Our WHG-systems (approved according to the German Water management Act WHG) have got the general certificate according to building and inspection guidelines for water protection and thus comply with the following requirements of the German Water Management Act:

So the euro-top GmbH grants the restoration and sealing of petrol station areas, grooves, the concrete restoration in the area of pumping plant as well as the restoration of fractures by opening, clamping and resinifying. All sealing works are carried out with approved sealing substances. Because our WHG-systems are adjustable concerning conductivity, we can unconcernedly say: Open the valves!

Our systems meet the WHG requirements:

  • fracture bypassing
  • impenetrable and chemically resistant to stored liquids
  • tight ground adhesion
  • resistant to aging and weather
  • certified according to flammability classification DIN 4102-B2

Shop Floor Coating

Whether industrial floors, shop floors, leisure rooms or offices, decorative or especially resistant coatings: With euro-top your floor will get its grand entrance. After the thoroughly cleaning and applying of a basic layer, flakes, which are coloured as requested or which create a 3D depth effect, are spread on the floor. By a final, slowly-yellowing clear-resin-sealing your floor will be perfect. The advantages:

Advantages of the transparent resin sealing

  • individually selectable colour design
  • matt or glossy
  • slip resistant
  • dissolver-free and emission-free
  • seamlessly laid
  • easy to clean

Conductive Coatings

Some floors suffer the problem of electro static discharge (ESD). To protect your employees or customers from being struck by sparks, there is the euro-top ESD Color-System. This conductive floor cover has the advantage to be able to move freely within the EPA without the need of electrical wrist grounding.

Work Shop Coating

Whether work shop, store house or washing hall - physically and chemically stressed floors do not need to look grey and drab. Euro-top synthetic resin coatings with coloured quartz offer the solution. After grinding off of the old floor with a diamond milling cutter a new floor is created with the aid of the multi-layer technique consisting of the basic layer, quartz sand appliance and sealing. Professionally laid, the floor does not only look beautiful but is also slip resistant according the regulation 181 for work shop floors of the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources.

Cleaning and re-coating with 50 % cost savings

  • resistant to chemicals (as contained in all common cleaning products)
  • abrasion- and impact-proof
  • closed and sealed surface
  • pressure resistant and mechanically highly chargeable
  • optically first class due to coloured quartz sand

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