Long-lastingly resistant: euro-top varnishing

Conveyor Washing Plant and Facility Varnishing

Permanent maximum output leave their marks also on your washing hall: pealing paint, corrosive metal plates – before your customers turn away because the glamour is gone, it is time for a professional restoration. Thanks to most modern technology and expertise, we master small as well as big services in the field of spray and varnishing techniques. Special varnishing systems in OEM quality by euro-top are flexible in use and of high durability. The restoration takes place „just in time“ within a few days to minimize shutdown times. Get to know us at our best side – at work – and let us convince you of our 2K-varnishes:

  • resistant to chemicals, fuels and corrosion
  • ultraviolet-proof
  • suitable for brush-, roll- and spray painting (pressure tank, electro-static, airless, airmix)
  • inexpensive (only about 5 % of a new acquisition)

Petrol Station and Fuel Pump Varnishing

After years of use even the most beautiful petrol station needs to show its colours. And fuel pumps as well as service areas demand a restoration. Our euro-top experts are happy to competently and transparently advise you concerning all measures so that you may plan in detail to minimise downtimes. Further more, we only work with SCC-certified professionals acquainted to all varnishing products and knowing the danger zone "petrol station" from the in- and outside. Much cheaper than a new acquisition and with the prospect of increasing customer frequency, a restoration pays off at the end.

  • high quality varnish systems (comparable to first equipment)
  • ultraviolet-proof
  • high durability

From old to new – your advantages

  • highest quality varnishing systems (comparable to OEM quality)
  • resistant to chemicals, fuels and corrosion
  • ultraviolet-proof
  • high durability

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